Countertops in many ways are work surfaces.  Let us help you decide how to make that work surface compliment your space. 



Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen tops need to not only accent the space, but they must hold up to daily use.

No matter what material you choose, it is wise to learn what it takes to care for them properly.  Not all countertop materials are created equal.  Not all materials have warranties. Some materials my be porous and require periodic sealing of sanitizing.




Bath Vanity Tops

Solid surface material in bathrooms offer very sanitary and easily maintainable surfaces in especially wet areas such as vanities and showers.

Sink Options:

  • Under mounted china, stainless or integral acrylic
  • Top mounted vessel or bowls
  • Ramp style
  • Under-mounted stainless or integral acrylic
  • Many different configurations are available
  • Farm style kitchen sinks





We offer what we call       "Make-N-Take" tops.          These are small tops made from fall off (left over) materials. Color choices are limited but there is no shipping or template fees.   We make it, you take it and install it,  $$$avings!